Case Study

.By providing very lower price than other parties for the parts from several KUS$ to several 100KUS$, we believe that we can contribute to your cost reduction of the chip manufacturing factory. When the price of such expensive parts can be reduced reasonably, the potential of surviving capability will be increased. We have been trying to provide the parts by reducing our cost as low as possible, and then we can maintain our price low. If you have issues on IKLA Tencor's inspection tools, such as IMC boards, TDI Total Assy, PLLAD Board Assy, Mercury,Node, Stage Assy, Floatation ASSY, Z-Theta Assy, laser unit of 30mW for SFS6000, SP1TBI, or Robot ASSY, please call us so that we can help you out with the lower price of high quality parts, and trouble shooting capability. As for the optical parts or components, it does not make sense for us to be involved in such issues. But for other issues, there are many things which we can help youout. Please fell free to call us so that you can find better ways for your cost reduction. 
Please call us to +81 080-6599-8778  or please send your messages on the issues with
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