As fpr the Repair, the same thing can be said. 
❶ It is expected following parts have the most demand for repair .So far, as for Puma, Escape (Explorer)の2365/2367, Stealth of 2351/2339/2360 etc., 213Xseries of 2139/2138/2135 etc. we have been able to provide the  repair almost for all of them, excluding the optical parts which are not broken easily and usually people don't touch on them. In the past, there were nothing we were not able to provide the repair for the demand from all the customers. As for the Stage Assy, of 2365/2367/PUMAのStage etc. if it is necessary that we need to take care of the repair, we can do it and we do all the calibration and adjustment for the stage assy too. We can repair the IMC board of 213X's, Mercury of Puma, Mercury of Escape (Explorer), the Node for 2367. Also, we can repair Z-Theta Assy, TDI Total ASSY, PLLAD Total Assy etc.  If our customers need to have mother board or daughter boards, we can provide them by assuming that the customers can do the timing synchlonization and matching and calibration by themselves.
However, as for the not so expensive parts, we recommend that you buy from the maker.  If there is no stock at maker or take a long time for the delivery by maker, we can help you out for the fastest delivery even for the least expensive parts, such as cables or minor parts. 
❷ We can provide the parts for KLA TENCOR's defect inspection tools (all new types and older types), thickness measurement tools, mask alignment accuracy inspection tools, particle measurement tools and reticle inspection of star light tools. 
❸ THERMAWAVE's OP series・TP series、

❹ AMAT CDSEM(CX, CX+, G2/G3/G4/G5)(Partially for G6)・Defect inspection tools of Compass/CompassPro/COMPLUS、
❺ HitachiHitech's CDSEM of S88XX/S92XX/S9260/S9380/CG4XXX/CG5XXX/and also the tool of RS5000、
❻ The parts of 2135/2138/2139 are stored in our office as the stock parts, and then if we have the stock you want the quick shipping, we can ship them on the same day. They are all tested and fuction guaranteed. At the latest, we can ship them out on the next day. They are all tested and in the working conditions.. 
❼ Also, as for E chucks, we provide the refurbished E chucks with the highest quality which many domestic suppliers can't guarantee100% of the high quality for refurbished E chucks. We can provide the highest quality of refurbished E chucks for CDSEM and Echers etc. of the process tools of the wafer fab. Please feel free to contact GTEK by phone or sending the inquiry with 【▶️Click here for Inquiry】 . 
Or, please send your inquiry or messages by the following inquiry form of【▶️Click here for Inquiry】below.
Any way, please feel free to contact us by phone or INQUIRY FORM below.  In the past, even if it was very hard to repair, as far as it had no fatal burnt portion on the parts, we were able to repair them. However if you touch for repair, it would cost much, almost 50% or 100% higher than usual repair without no trial of repair before shipping to GTEK. 
If you have any serious problems, please try us as the solution.
❾ Regarding E chuck, please contact us. We can visit your site and going to explain all the necessary information.

CALL us to : +81 080-6599-8778 へ、