Trouble Shooting

While you have the issues, you have had the slow response by the past supporting parties, due to many reasons,such as their busy situation or no parts available with them etc.. In those cases, please contact us. We will try to solve your issues with much faster timing or less expensive ways. There is no reason which you need to let the production be delayed against the planning of your production which is the most essential thing for the survival. If you can't solve your issues, you will be not winner and can't survive as the total company. If you continue such no activity, the company you work will be having the trigger to fail against the competitors. While you are embracing your serious issues without being solved by the current supporter's poor capability or slow actions, or they can't secure the necessary parts etc. etc. or their quote for the parts are not competitive, your factory can't survive. You might not want to be the one of the factors which lead to not-winner for the company you work. Or maybe the issue is that the parts which they provided the quote are more expensive than you expected, and can't get the approval by your top management. In those cases, there is no reason to take more reasonable actions to let another capable party solve the issues more quickly and more inexpensive cost.
In those cases, please feel free to contact GTEK. 
Our capability is for KLA Tencor tools, Thermawave tools, AMAT CDSEM, Hitachi Hitech CDSEM, JOEL tools andE Chuck for CDSEM and Etchers etc. of the process tools.
Please call us to +81 080-6599-8778  or please send your messages on the issues with [▶️ Click here for Inquiry]   below.