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Ultra High Price of Manufacturer's for Inspection tools

Excluding the optical parts, we have been providing the parts of the inspection tools of KT, AMAT, HitachiHigh Tech.
As for KT tools, so far, we have been providing the parts for Puma, Escape, Stealth(Explorer), 2139や2138/2135、and almost there was no case which we were not able to provide teh parts and trouble shooting and installation of the parts with necessary calibration.
However, as for not so expensive parts or consumables,please buy from the maker. It does not make sense to buy such parts from us, whereas the maker has the stock with the fast delivery.
Also, even if you have the anual contract with the anufacturer, there should be the case that the maker has not enough stock to repair the parts, there are many cases which we can provide the quicker repair with our parts stock, one of the such case would be the repair of the Mercury of Puma or 2365. We will be able to provide the faster repair than maker. 
KLA TENCOR, Defect Inspection Tools, Film Thickness measurement Tools, Mask Alignment tools, reticle inspection star light tools etc. etc. 

ThermaWave:  OP Series・TPSeries、

AMAT : CDSEM (CX・CX+・G2to G5, Partially for G6)・Inspection tools of Compass/CompassPro/COMPLUS、

HitachiHitech : 88XX/S92XX/S9260/9380/CG4XXX/CG5XXX//RS5000 of CDSEM、

We have the stock of teh parts for 2138/2139, and then we will be able to ship the parts on the same day. At the latest within several days, we will be able ship the parts after testing.
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